As i was preparing for our weekly Marriage group’s homework, I came across something I think is important to share this week…

Do you study Love Languages? I’m sure you’ve heard by now of the wonderful book by Gary Chapman but what I’m talking about are the original meanings of LOVE in the Greek. God struck me this week as I stumbled upon a verse… Titus 2:4. It says… “Then they (the older women) can teach the younger women to LOVE their husbands….” That sounds all well and dandy but the word used for LOVE here was actually the word PHILEO… it means, in Greek, a friendship type of love. When we think of marriage, we tend to think of the EROS love (Passion and romance) or even AGAPE (unconditional, selfless). But that PHILEO doesn’t seem to come up as often. You see, God knew that it would be hard, among the daily duties of life, to purposefully befriend, over and over again, our spouse. This is something that sometimes needs to be taught. And sometimes, we forget that that part of a marriage is a God-given RIGHT and privilege. YOU deserve to like your spouse in a friendship type of way. That’s where true intimacy in marriage comes from! DSC_1818I want to challenge you to truly get to KNOW your spouse. Initiate conversations that help you to truly understand each other.

Start here: “What is one thing you have always wanted to do WITH me?”

Let the conversation take you on a new journey to discovering your spouse… as a friend. Do something together that you have never shared as a couple before! “LIKE” each other! This stuff matters…

Watch THIS for more on this subject. So good!

And as always… Make Good Choices!



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